I got up this morning, and after feeding Her Heineyness, I opened the front door as per usual.  A totally senseless squirrel
had just gotten on the new feeder and spun at least…at least 45 seconds.  I didn’t
think he would ever let go.  There was a  companion squirrel near the feeder
when that started and  after 15 seconds or so he ran to the  oak tree’s trunk and watched the
show.  He was clinging to the trunk with his hind claws and his front legs
were extended outward for seconds at a time while he watched..as if to stop the
whirling I would swear.  When the spinning squirrel finally let go, he was so dizzy
he could scarcely walk.  The one on the tree came down and chased him as
if to say “get your stupidity out of my face, you moron!” It was funny but I
feared he’d run my battery down or that I would have to try to rescue him. I have never seen one that tenacious or dim witted as to hang on that long. If you are wondering, he hung by his claws on his two front legs.  He was swinging outward like a circus performer.

I usually get this sort of show first thing in the morning.  The exhibition usually lasts about an hour.  One after the other still have to learn apparently. Some will do this repeatedly and no, it’s not because they enjoy it.  They are still trying to figure why that happened.

The smaller lady of the house is still laboring under the impression that she is to go to the Vet I guess, as she is still eating, drinking, hanging out for some petting and then. under the bed.  She will do what she wants.  All I have to do is get out the watercolors no doubt and she’ll be right out.

Yesterday because she did not get me up, I slept over nine hours.  I was shocked to see what time it was when I got up.  I don’t remember sleeping that late for years and years.  I felt like ten million dollars with interest and felt that way all day and evening.  First time my eyes weren’t burning from1330 onward through the afternoon and evening.  I went to bed at midnight and she was persistent in trying to rouse me from 6 on.  So, hello burning eyes.

I went out and took this picture of the only rose blossom I have presently,.  It rained to beat the band all last night, so she’s fresh from her shower.