Who else has noticed this awful thing?  For me, it started when I got a catalog from a woman’s sportswear place.  Well known one.  Before recycling the catalog, I decided to look through it.  I found several items I actually wanted. So I thought to go ahead and order them.  I looked to see what the shipping and handling charges were for the total amount of the two items and found it to be the usual that you see.  I think they all use the same scale more or less.  I thought, fair enough until I looked further and I saw I would have to pay tax.  OK  They must have a presence here in the State.  Our tax where I live is 10%.  It is 9.75 really..I rounded it up. That’s a lot.  It’s like tithing to the State..  Anyway, my eye was caught by yet another set of figures.  There are about 17 States, mine among them that in THIS catalog, make you pay tax on the shipping and handling.  Tax on the shipping and handling just beats all I have ever seen.  Goodness knows the charges for shipping and handling are already sky high and just a way to gouge us.  But to be taxed on the shipping and handling too?  Shipping and HANDLING!?  Pul-eeze! 

Now so far, I have not seen that in any other catalog.  Which ever ones I do will no longer get my business.  Before you say it. I KNOW that the Store/catalog people are not responsible for the tax, and they are not doing it for themselves.  Obviously my own State requires it and so far, no one else has done it.  They may start soon and I would say unless it’s something I can’t do without and have been hunting for a long time, no orders from me.  That is one of the worst things I have seen insofar as taxation is concerned.  For me, 10% is bad enough on the goods, but S&H?  Not as long as I have a choice. 

A rant.  From me to you.  With love.