They said on the weather last evening that we have had as many days rain as we have not. Just a few days away from half as many!   He showed the figures and indeed, out of the days elapsed in this year so far half have had rain in them.  That is a LOT of rain.  I thought as much and it is nice to know that I was right in that thought.  Yesterday morning I went out in the dew ridden morning and fed the roses getting the dry food into the  ground surrounding the rose bushes.  I am down to 3 rose bushes now out of 5.  The man who moved them did something wrong and two died. 

I didn’t create that little humorous thing yesterday and I apologize for not saying so that time,  I always have in the past when the writing is not mine but somehow, I forgot so I will try to make that up today.  That came from an email I received the day before.

The oldest will be here this weekend he said.  He will get one of the family favorite casseroles.  It roughly consists of meat, ‘taters and gravy.  He’ll have a green veggie to go with.  Speaking of which, I need to get me some potatoes this morning and start planning.

I have several rants I have been managing to keep to myself.  Hopefully I can hit "publish" before I start on one.  If you have a teacher in the family, it’s easy to rant when you read something from folks who don’t have any idea how a school systems works.  One would hope they would preface their remarks with "I don’t know squat about this, but here is what I think".  They never do though.  (No, not the blog family. They are too classy not to say that they have an opinion and what’s your opinion.)

OK.  Out into the rain.  See you in a little bit.