On opening the front door yesterday morning and waiting a few seconds, what I assume to be the same two squirrels were there again.  One has a thin tail and that makes him a bit more recognizable, and the other…well he spends time on the oak tree trunk watching the thinner tailed one make an a- scribble scribble out of himself. 

Up he, the thinner tailed one goes to balance on top of the feeder.  After a full several minutes of really helicopter-like tail twitching and swishing, he starts down down down the feeding tube..round round round the system too as it whirls him off repeatedly.  He goes through this perhaps 2 to 3 times before he gives up.  Meanwhile the other squirrel who was waiting with a "here’s your sign" ready to hand Mr. Brain Trust there, rushes over to chase the unlucky one away again.  Then, HE, the critiquer goes up the shepherds hook..slides back down half way and here is where I am riveted with interest.  Because———the feeder hangs maybe 12 inches distance from the pole.  All he has to do is stop half way and reach out.  Which he did.  However, he grabbed the perch ring for the birds and sure enough, the spinning started so he let go.  Whether or not he is able to reach waaaaaay over and take a few seeds out of the feeder port (not really worth the effort for as little as he’d get) remains to be seen…hence, my title this morning.

I woke at 0400.  I got up at 0411.  It was 78 in the bedroom and the ceiling fan was on but because of the memory foam, when I had been on my side on the mattress pad was hot from my own body heat.  I rolled.  I changed position, I rolled some more but hot.  The pillow felt like a heater too.  I flipped it..changed ends as it were trying to find a cool spot.  I gave up and got up.  Me and her had our breakfast awfully early, and after looking in on here, I laid back in the recliner and napped about 45 minutes while the news was on. 

Thanks for the input in comments about taxes.  I read each one with even more interest than ever.  And we think it’s bad now?