You get good and mad.  I went to the big box store for some supplies and after I got out of the parking space I was in, I rolled way on down toward the end of the spaces and stopped for as long as it took me to reach over (I don’t want to take any chances messing with parts of the car when I’m  in the car and its rolling) and fetch out a pen so as to write down a number.  Some #4*!$@ decided to blow her stupid horn at me.  I had a strong STRONG urge to get out of the car, go back and mention to her how that makes me react.  Those who know me personally know it’s true.  I had looked behind me before stopping, and no one was there.  Time elapsed was truly  was just enough the time for me to reach into the little space there under the radio and take the pen into my hand, that she got up there to me and blew her horn. 
Moving on, however, those of you who do the coupon thing…have you tried   & you can go to   for glasses frames in all designs and colors and, ta dah, you can superimpose them over your picture to see how you’d look.  Just one more service brought to you by/ from yours truly.  Seriously though, I found this info in my latest edition of The Family Circle.
It is humid and certainly hot out there with occasional sun.  We had 9 inches of rain for the month of July and it was raining when I was asleep last night along with every other day in the year it seems.  I know that there are parts of the world where my Sis lives in Australia and in California, some areas, that are in deep need of rain.  I so wish that all parts of the Country could just get a grip! 
The Admiral said thank you so much for coming to see her.  She was feeling mighty bad that she didn’t have any friends but now, she counts several of you as her friends.  No wonder she celebrated by coming to sleep with me a few nights ago.  She was happy she wasn’t blogging to just me.
I came back from the big box place and wanting to slug that woman, and I made myself a delightful cup of cherry tea.  (made in Sri Lanka) I had one WW English muffin and that oughtta do me.  I am about to finally read the Sunday paper.  If you want to have me read you the comics, line up for your turn on my knee.