Here is why I don’t like putting family pictures in my blog.  I do put in a few..and with few exceptions I take them down again.  It’s onr of those "you never know" type of things.  AND it’s something to consider.

The house is sparkling.  The house washers got here 0930 and left 1330.  It was done with a brush and hose and their cleansers.  I have been busier than hen’s teeth all week so far including the past weekend.  Tomorrow I am invited to lunch, so, there’s that.  At least I don’t have to get going as soon as the Queen here rolls me out of bed.  The past two mornings I had to be shining and as pretty as possible way too early. 

Here is something else to consider:  Where will it all end for pete sakes.  You already are aware that the US Postal Service is closing a bunch of post offices.  I think it was told they are several billions…billions now, in debt.   Now this too.

This bites because I do NOT like taking chances with any virus that can get past my protection, steal my passwords to my bank account which is why I will not do my banking on line nor bill paying for certain.   I had a URL here for you but when I clicked it, it had already expired.  I’ll search some more. This is close to what I had:


Let the rants flow…standing by.