Well, today come the house washers.  Yesterday the arborist.  And trust me, the house needs a good house washing outside.  I have cream color siding and a kazillion trees.  Everyone’s home along here has algae growing to one extent or another on the N/E side of their houses as all of us back onto a forest.  Mine is no exception.  Added to that is a film of dust that is stuck on there as would any thing that had been out on weather constantly.  It’s been just over 2 years.  I wish I didn’t have to have it done.  And no, I won’t do it myself.  There’s a limit to what I do and washing houses ain’t one of them so I have to ante up the money to have it done.  They’ll be here shortly. I just went out and brought in all the plants who are Summering out there.  That in turn means they must all go back out when the washing is finished.

A friend of mine here in town made a good suggestion last evening.  She said go to the Municipal building and have them look up and see where my trees are.  I may be…pardon the expression..ahem, barking up the wrong tree. Could be it IS my duty and not theirs but I will go in person and find out instead of the phone deal. 

I have to remain here because of a piece of siding, and needing to tell the guys the combination of the door to under the house where the spare siding is.  The person who used to mow ran over a rock apparently and it punched a hole in my siding.  I have too much siding under the house due to the miscalculations of the person who put it on.  If he didn’t know math any better than that, he should have told me.  That sounded grouchy, but I am not grouchy at all.  It’s a beautiful day again..2 sunny days in a row (rain returns tomorrow) and I am happy as a little meadowlark.
Here is a sobering piece of news that I found yesterday.  I hope many people in the Country read it or something like it.  Maybe the clamoring for freebies as in the clunker deal, or other "good deals" that seem to be raining down on us, want them or not, will die down some.  Taxes  That is the link..the word "taxes".
One of my favorite places in uptown Charlotte, NC