Thank you Rusty for noticing that is a brilliant DOUBLE rainbow in Brian’s photographs.  How in the world I missed that, I’ll never know.  Brian didn’t say it was and I just didn’t look for one. For those who did not see my announcement blog of last night regarding my nephew Brian, the trucker, he sent some photos to his Aunt, me, and I asked his permission to make an album and post to it occasionally, There are three pictures of a double rainbow.  I feel like Homer Simpson not noticing that,
The boss has retired to her chamber under the bed, and I have been getting various things done.  Hoping that the lawn will be mowed (it’s so slanty it’s a job no one much likes to do for me) today so the car is already across the street for now.  I pulled some weeds in the bed across the front of the house where the azaleas and gardenia are,  One of the azaleas turned up its toes. .  This time I dressed in long pants and log sleeve shirt despite the mild weather.  That was hot but…it kept the skeeters from biting.
Had a shampoo an hour ago as I sweat enough to warrant one out there, and I’m temporarily grounded as I have..gasp..rollers in my hair. I never heat style, which is why my hair is without split ends or other problems.  It’s a thick as cat fur and I think I have been associated with felines too long.  I think it is cat fur on my head.  I grew it myself.
Many of us in the blog excluded, seem to do the Face Book thing.  So I don’t see much of them any more and I miss them. Regarding FB,  I just don’t like giving personal info like that but  many people send me invitations and say it’s the way to go to find people you went to school with or family long lost.  I’m still making up my mind. 
I discovered that after 5 weeks, the battery is ready to be charged on the new bird feeder.  Goodness knows it gave enough rides to so many squirrels, no wonder it has become run down.  I will try to wait till tonight so no one will do without seed.  If squirrels get to be a nuisance, I will charge the feeder this afternoon.
Here is last evenings pick for me.  Little terrorist,
As always, click for true color.
Here’s a lady come to pay a visit: