When you are at work, often, time will seem to inch by on leaded feet.  Look at the clock, note the time, work awhile.  Look up again, and  just 9 minutes have passed when you think it ought to have been an hour.  Conversely, be with someone you love (whomever it is) and time races past.  You can almost feel the wind of its passing.  Hardly seems "fair" but it is a good object lesson in this:  Things are what you make of them.  How you perceive them.  Time passes when you’re having fun.  🙂  If you look at the clock and it is 1500 and you’re surprised, then you have had a good day.


I had an almost illegally great hair day yesterday,  I will have to remember that combination of products for the next time.  Usually all I do is all some "Satin Ware" to give a smidge of body (like I need it with my cat fur hair!) but I decided to do the anti-frizz thing along with some gel for set.  However today, after having it banded back in a little pony tail, it needs shaping back to a bob look.  It’s just too hot to keep it down around my neck or all over the pillow at night. 


Here is a female cardinal at the feeder yesterday.  I ordinarily would rather not do feeder pictures, but the camera was right beside me and I saw a squirrel rolling down hill from the oak tree over and over and over,  I have a bad shot of him doing that.  Picture it happening at least 60 times.  I think he was eating those mushrooms in the mulch.  As always, click to enlarge the small ones and to get a picture without the blue blog color in it.

While he was tumbling, his companion was scarfing up black oil sunflower seeds. 




Another satisfied customer.  I took the feeder in so I could recharge the battery.  The squirrels are not interested in climbing on it now so they are not sitting and spinning as usual.  They are enjoying the bountiful feast of dropped sunflower seeds.  I will go back to sunflower hearts as soon as the black oil is used up.  I love the extra variety of birds it brings but not the mess and not the spillage that occurs when the finches get on and toss it because it doesn’t suit them.  $$$$$$$$$$$$.


Have a great day.  Be happy.  Annoy someone.  Do something.  🙂