Paul, of the Beantown Babbling Times asked about the squirrels and if there has been a resurgence of bad behavior..he wished to know how uneasy is the truce, and what has been happening on the "front" of late here in the front yard.  Well, Toodie  seems to have been here and gone but not before she captured this startling scene.  It seems the birds have begun an amusement called.."bowling for sunflower seeds".  The most squirrels, um, well, sorta, like..knocked down (shame faced here), wins the prize of a quart of black oil sunflower seeds to over Winter comfortably.  No foraging required nor fighting at the fount of seeds for sustenance.  Looks as though the birds are winning.  A large Grackle, though unwelcome, further put the odds in the bird’s favor. 



Word has it that the squirrels have certain photos of Miss Catt rolling about on the floor, eyes closed and strange little purr sounds audible, in the throes of her "entertainment choice"  of green and brown tiny leaves that they will make available to interested Press if this outrage continues so they say through their spokes -squirrel, Nutsy McBride.  We shall see what we shall see.  Meanwhile, a suspect squirrel was seen at the upper flower bed exclaiming about a recent experience.  Frankly, I think she’s addled and what’s more, I detect that she  is attempting to color her fur and therefore effect a disguise to throw off the scouting efforts of Ambassador Ringo.  This expose we see here will throw a wrench into that little ploy!  You have to get up earlier than Miss Catt to fool her..and no one can get up earlier than her!  Now everyone knows what you look like Miss Mata Hari!  Besides, you are too much a diva like this reporter, Rambling On, to be very effective with scouting and reports to the enemy, Gen. Nutsy McBride.  Like me, what good are you when you are taking inventory of how smashingly great you hope you  look and what perfume to wear?  Got you on that one Mata Hari!