I think it’s a premature rant coming up.  Well, an opinion then.  Here it is:  While I realize I and my family are the only ones in the entire world who do not like to eat mushrooms, I so wish that frozen entree makers would stop heaping the things into their entrees and casserole dishes.  I do not like them.  I dislike the taste and the consistency.  Here is where everyone says " but *I* like them!"  Good.  I already admitted that I and the family, the only ones in the Universe feeling this way, do not. Mushrooms are like earth tasting rubber discs to me.  I wish they gave a person a choice!  Go to a restaurant and it’s even worse.  Scores of the rubbery things piled all over and into your food.  I spend significant time stabbing the things with my fork and laying them off in an ever growing pile to the side.  Next thing I know, they will be in cakes, ice cream and other desserts.   Before you ask, yes, I have said "no mushrooms" however I don’t if the word mushroom is not on the menu description.  I just wish I could escape the unwanted things. If I go to a friends home and they have the cursed things in their food, I just squinch my eyes shut, set myself to "this is torture" and eat them without a murmur.  I’m not dead yet from the experiences but that doesn’t take away from the fact that I dislike the taste a lot.  I will have another rant by Wednesday to be sure. 

I am headed to City Hall in the hopes of seeing someone who can help me out with their looking it up to see if my trees are indeed in the City right of way.  I have had several conflicting opinions.  I need to know for sure before I have the tree cutter here.  Oh my goodness it will be so expensive because of the power lines and so on.  If it is indeed in the city ROW, then it should be theirs to take down as it, he tree, has been declared sick with canker.  That duty and I need to go to my insurance office and tell them about the new windows and roof.  That will possibly raise my premium but house value is where it’s at if anything happens as a fire, etc. 

You can tell the sun is rising a little later and a little later as the boss has been coming in to my room to sound the ‘all clear’ a little later every day.  That gives me to close to 7 before the first clarion sound from her.  She should be part of National Defense she’s so loud!  She could warn anyone and everyone of impending weather disasters.  🙂

Here it is the start of another week and new chances every day of it to make some sort of difference.  Oh, we can make a difference.  Nope, not in the National scheme of things but with everyone we know and everyone we meet even if it is a smile..a real one that the person you grace with a smile can feel is sincere and meant for them. 


 Grackle..they intimidate the song birds. He has a sunflower in his beak.