To make a short story long, I was outside getting Herself’s medicine ready for the day (if I do it in the house, she stays hidden.  The applicator makes a distinctive clicking sound when you are dialing up the dose.  Two turns of the applicator pen  anywhere near her to bring up the medicine to the tip to apply to her ear and she’s outta there).

However, I was out there on the porch, the promise of the high 90’s again today and yet…and yet…there is something  in the air, something to the look of the daylight, the way it falls onto the land in the morning.  While standing out there in the quiet morning I saw that Summer is moving on for awhile.  It has hardly been a guest long enough to be wearisome.  I would ask it not to go so soon. Football season will be here in just a few weeks and Fall will be close behind.  There is the look of change right now however subtle it may be.  I can detect it as I suppose can most of us.  The slant of the sunbeams on the lawns at twilight, the sun’s position in the sky behind the almost undetectable difference in the’s all there even in  mid August.  I mentioned yesterday that the days are already growing faintly shorter as I am allowed to sleep a few minutes longer before reveille is sounded. 

My middle son is in Canada and New York including New York City.  His last hurrah before he starts school again.  This time none of his brothers are with him.  He was at  Niagara Falls yesterday and will be headed home shortly.  I think his total visit time will be ten days or so.  Me and the youngest will go see him at home, third week this month on the youngest’s birthday.

I enjoyed learning that there are at least two people  exist besides myself who also don’t like to eat mushrooms.   Peace and long life to you fellow sufferers. Mushroom shunners of the world, all three of us, UNITE!  Those rubbery things should be made into washers or molly anchors or used as O rings.  Perhaps they can be used as a seat for heavy ceramics or other object of art on display to prevent damage to surfaces.  Several of them attached to the edges of paintings before mounting the paintings to the wall would prevent damage to walls.  OH!  I know!  Rubbery ol’ mushrooms would be great for putting under furniture to stop indentations from furniture on the  carpeting.  Maybe a mini game of horseshoes?  Just cut a section from each mushroom so that it can be thrown at the stake in the ground.  RINGER!   How about sending them to people you don’t like?  A box of them.  I’d sure get the picture!  Or they could have wires attached and be made into hoop earrings?  Use a bunch of ’em for a whoopie cushion!  How about use then for home insulation?  A Thanksgiving decoration?  Their use is legion. 

Guys, have a wonderful day.  Be glad of it.  The possibilities are endless.  Just look for them..they’re there.