You know what used to both torque my jaw and make me laugh at the same time?  Leaving my place of work after a midnight shift..walking on up the hill to one of the parking lots and seeing several cars hovering in the (pick one) boiling heat or freezing cold, engines running, the driver’s eagle eyes trained on you and others pouring out at the end of the shift..all eager to get your parking place even when plenty are still there that early. 
Remembering that when we come in on a midnight shift, we get all the "good" spaces close to the gate as there are no day-shifters in.  Now..back to what I was saying.  On many many occasions there has been a space three slots up from where I am parked as an example.  Would the person park there?  Why no.  They must block the lane, waste gas hovering there waiting for you to get into your space which is perhaps 20 feet closer to the gate.  On coming off the mids in the Winter, many many a time (as did the other folks coming out with me) I would take my little time scraping the windshield, the back window, the side windows…then scrape them again.  Just to thwart the total lazy doofus’s sitting just 3 slots away from where I was parked.  Then, I’d sit in the car till the defroster completely cleared the inside window.  Someone actually blew their horn at me.  I piled out of my vehicle and suffice it to say, you in the blog family would not have known  it was me as I was stern.  After, um, asking what was wrong that they blew their horn at me, I um..indicated the space a few slots up.  This happened so many times.  Even my supervisor did the same thing,  We just sat there till they parked.  Then we left.  Someone else who was waiting behind the first lazy dog then got my space. As Shelly says, "tee hee ha ha".
In the various store parking lots..same thing.  I have been 3, 4 cars down, say.  Some totally lazy person will hover behind me when they see me get in the car  till other folks held up in their vehicles start the horns blowing to move ’em along.
My usual thing is to park all the way down the row when I arrive.  If it is pouring the rain, then I will, if available, take a closer spot.  Too, it keeps my car from getting dinged if I am way down yonder in the paw paw patch.  Sure enough not going to be anyone down there with me.  They are all waiting at the top of the row for some hapless individual who just got in their car.
EOR..that means end of rant.