I have often stated that I don’t watch TV except for the local news and sometimes PBS and historical/cultural things.  Yesterday, bored while waiting for a phone call I was flipping through channels and came across the TCM station.  Ted Turner did us all a great favor when he started that classic movie channel for us.  How else would we get to see those really great old movies.  I am here to say that I spent hours watching one Clark Gable (who was as handsome as they always said he was and the women were elegant and beautiful)  movie after another.  I was only out of the house once.  The reading I had set aside..even the morning newspapers languished till after 6 PM and then I skimmed those while trying to multitask and pay attention to the local news.  I could hardly wait to get back to the movie channel.

There is a tired old phrase too often used but I suppose the reason why it is tired and too often used is because it is so apropos to so many situations.  The phrase?  Oh sorry, I got off on another tangent there.  Typical of the Southern way.  The phrase is: "They don’t make ’em like that any more".  That is the truth if I ever wrote the truth.  I am not the first one to make this not too fresh observation regarding movies today as compared to those in the past.

No gratuitous sex.  None.  Not even a hint of it.  These days if they can’t create a sex scene that goes with the movie..it seems as though they just splice in a  stock scene out of nowhere.  Wow!  There you are, unsuspecting and immersed in the movie and whammo!  the requisite sex scene!  Yesterday, none of that at all.  There was certainly violence in several of the Clark Gable movies but even that wasn’t as offensive as the violence they portray nowadays with sickening, grueling regularity; each movie maker trying to out-do another company in sheer stomach turning cruelty. It’s obvious to me that they think that movie goers are there just for the portrayal of cruelty and/or sex, not a story as in the days past.  At least the violence  in the old movies that I saw yesterday were of a war scene..the ol’ knife throwing stuff and an occasional shooting.  It’s amazing how beautifully groomed even the crooks were..their felt hats always on even in a fist fight (were they glued on?) , suits with trousers sharply creased, silk handkerchiefs in their pockets, great haircuts, trimmed moustaches, shining shoes and ties. And the women..pageboy hair do’s among others, elaborate up-do’s, absolutely stunning outfits and jewelry, make up that looked like what it was, theatrical, and their vocabularies and diction..flawless. 

I went to the TCM site and they have a service whereupon you can be reminded via email when a movie you want to see comes up,.  I subscribed to that.  Looking forward to wasted hours watching television now.  🙂 

I am waiting on the pest control man to arrive and then I can get on with the day.  (I have not turned on the movie channel or nothing would get done it seems) We have some sun after several days of rain and storms so I may go out and take some photos.  I added to my Flickr page a few evenings ago,  I decided that if I wait till I think I have a really good picture, there will never be anything on my Flickr site so I just uploaded some of my faves.  Many of them were taken with my Nikon point and shoot before I got Victoria, my SLR.  So there is a mix in there and even if no one else does..*I* like ’em. 🙂

I do believe that was a rant above and that was not what I was going to do this morning.  I guess I will make it Wednesday2..(squared). 

Love ya bye.