I was hoping to get dressed and ready for the day before Her Majesty went back to bed.  That means under the bed in the spare room.  It’s just where she has made a long time habit of napping.  However, at 0800 she was gone and that means I will have to wait until she ventures forth later to scoop her up and ferry her off to the Vet.  Standing by.


Meanwhile, I got a few pictures from the middle son yesterday taken on his trip to Canada and New York.  He was just 90 or so miles away from one of my sweet Canadian blogger friends.  If I’d only known the relative short distance I would have asked them if it was possible to visit her, assuming she wouldn’t have minded.  I sent her this picture for fun.  It lends itself for all sorts of fun stories.  I thought she’d get a kick out of it.  That’s when she told me how close they were to her. 



They had a wonderful time and of course they went to Niagara Falls.  I have never been and now I want to go more than ever.  Loved the videos he sent me.  Maybe one can be posted soon.

They also went to NYC as I said, and that included a not too hurried visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. A little sight seeing too, and for MAC lovers such as we in this family..the piece de resistance!  WHAT a building!!! That IS their building, son said the store is downstairs. 




It’s almost 9.  I’d better hop to it.  I’m dressed and from scratch blueberry muffins are made ( I have to say I outdid myself this time) and a beef taco supper will be started as I won’t be here to do it before himself gets here for a visit tonight.  I’ll make everything and we’ll have a meal ready later this evening on arrival.

I think you’re awesome..just so you know.  🙂  Go forth and dazzle someone..they need ya out there.