I’m so glad that those of you who looked at the videos of Niagara Falls enjoyed seeing them here.  The son who did the traveling never minds when I use his pictures and videos.  Glad they brought a smile or two to you all.

A disappointment for me this morning.  My youngest was kind enough to install a clothesline for me.  One that is retractable, featuring the one end  that attaches to a pole (in my case the deck leg) & a hook or eye bolt that you install in a tree (or post, whatever you have).  I finally went out there with a load of wet towels and lo…because the clothesline is not pulled out all the way, there is a LOT of room to sag.  I wish I had thought to test that while he was still here. It seems easily remedied but..once the end of the vinyl clothes line is removed from the fixture that enables it to attach to the eyebolt I have screwed into the tree…it needs to be reinserted into the plastic housing.  Then comes the hard part for me.  A knot has to be tied in the end of the clothesline to keep it firm against the housing.  I don’t have that kind of hand strength.  So now I have to wait till a man shows up.  That probably won’t take terribly long. 

I finally got my Twitter Fox back running.  I had to do without it several weeks until I finally bumbled around enough again last evening and hot on the correct combination to bring it back to life. Whew.

Guys, no one asked me for my thought or "pronouncements" here, I am acutely aware of that fact but I would advise that you carefully listen to both sides of the health reform issue.  Your life literally depends on it and you must not let the news pundits and friends opinions form your thoughts for you because you don’t want to take the time studying both sides of this vital and volatile issue.  It’s like anything in life..don’t give away your power.

He has pollen all over his body, and his legs are full of it.  I love this!  See the pollen on his front legs, his back and a little on his head and those suitcases of pollen on those little legs?  What a worker!  He was fluttering his wings as you can see on the left one, getting ready to leave again!  I took this the day before yesterday…sweat running off my face standing stock still in the hot sun trying my best to catch him still  being long enough to focus.  I deleted about 20 others..blurry or whatever.  I missed the tip of the wing here but it ain’t easy when they move every 1 second or so.  As always, click on the picture for true color without the light blue blog color coming through.