I am referring to the just announced line-up of so-called celebrities for Dancing With the Stars, henceforth abbreviated to DWTS.  I have been living on the planet Dork, so it is no surprise that I have no idea who many of these people are. To me, if the DWTS producers or whomever can’t do any better than that, the show may be on the downhill slide.  They, DWTS, have been using a not very clever gimmick for the past three seasons with people too geriatric to walk across the floor never mind stand the rigors of dance.  It wastes the Pro’s time and ours.  You wonder at the mindset of those seniors who sign up. No, I don’t subscribe to the theory of young at heart or whatever.  Some of the Pros get clunkers every season.  If I was the Pro with clunkers every season  on that show, I would move on to another show if I could.  Two of the women, Edyta and Karina, get the aged or the younger ones with a full set of all left legs and feet every time and no chance to ever score the winning Mirror Ball trophy. 
Here is the line up:  Aaron Carter, Ashley Hamilton, Chuck Liddell, Debi Mazur, Donny Osmond, Joanna Krupa, Kathy Ireland, Kelly Osbourne, Louie Vito, Macy Gray, Mark Dacascoc, Joan Hart, Michael Irvin, Tom Delay (good grief!!!) Mya, and Natalie Coughlin. I know the background of 6 of them.  Sigh. This may herald the last season for me to watch.  I enjoyed it till the past three seasons.
I am starting to plan the day,  I have on my abalone shell and silver Kiwi necklace my son gave me, from New Zealand .  That gives me a beautiful head start to the day.
Paul, from The Pics Place stitched together two of my nephew Brian’s Wyoming pictures.  He sent it to me and I placed it in Brian’s picture album  in Photos if you’re interested in looking.  Paul did a great job..but then, when doesn’t he? By the way, Paul is  also the name of one of my brothers.  🙂
Off to the fray..don’t worry, I got’cher back.