My Wednesday rant is something that I hinted at a week ago.  The need to think for yourself.

I have no particular issue in particular venue.  It applies to blogs, newspapers, television and even person to person; when and wherever there is information or opinion is stated.

I would think I am not the only one who has noticed that when someone who is bitter or angry..possibly both, starts up a rant or flow of  words either written or spoken about what they think, they are often and mistakenly thought to be correct.  Just because they presented whatever they think in a strong forceful manner does not make them correct.  They are encouraged in this single stream way of thinking and getting their point across by folks who read or hear it..think that because the talker/writer is passionate about their "cause" that they must be right.  It’s sad to see folks going along with whatever  strongly stated thing …TV, radio or blog form… that they see or hear saying "you’re right.  Thank goodness for your opinion…what would we do without you?" etc etc. 

Of course— sometimes they are right.  But you need to do your homework and form your own opinions about a topic so that you have something to bounce someone else’s opinion against.  For an example of my own, once upon a time I used go to a blog most every day.  I stood it and stood it and stood it because I am, if nothing else, loyal.  It was always always a rant.  Nothing the Country had or did was right.  All is corruption and and we’re all going you -know -where in a hand basket because business and the powers that be are all no good.   There was never anything positive in that blog.  Be that as it may, the most depressing part  to me was how many folks always agreed with the one sided opinion offered and did not offer the writer another way to look at an issue or a way to cope.  An off the wall attack on teachers at large did it for me.  What a relief to finally quit going there.

So  the rant is..think for yourself..gather some facts and state your opinion and be ready to listen to another opinion.  Consider all that you hear and come to your own conclusion based on knowledge.