There was yet another very intense thunderstorm yesterday in the late
afternoon early evening and then, another round about 8PM. I was on the floor in front of the big window brushing Her Majesty when I glanced out into the near darkness..sideways blowing rain and heavy lightening and saw a male Ruby Throated Hummingbird holding on with all his small might to the little twig that I have taped to their feeder.  I put it there to give them another perch. 

Why in the name of common sense he was out there still staking unrelenting claim on his feeder and territory with wind about 30 mph and higher gusts, I wish I knew.  It was killing me to see his tiny self holding on, and the wind blowing even his wings up and backward.  His head was pointed straight up by the force of the wind.  Here I longer brushing the cat, and just pleading with the hummingbird to please please please fly to a tree and take some sort of shelter.  After a good 5 or more minutes of being just buffeted by the wind and heavy downpour he finally made a move to leave.  He did that again today during another downpour and lightening.  What’s more, even when it’s normal weather out there, he stays till dark on that perch.  He should be in his trees by then! NO common sense at ALL! 

I am cooking frequently for them as they are draining the feeder every few days or so.  They are stocking up and fattening up (literally) for their hard trip home.  They can stop off and dine as long as they are over land but once they leave the Continental U.S. they must travel the entire Gulf of Mexico and no where to stop or rest.  But they can and do, so it every year both coming here and going back for Winter.  They are fierce little ones. They go from one ounce to 2 ounces in weight as they fatten up. It’s my privilege to help them. And don’t believe the old wives tales about Hummingbirds hitching rides on other birds I have to debunk that myth every year with some older type women I see in the salon or grocery or church.

I am going over the Mountains this weekend with the youngest.  It’s the youngest’s birthday on Saturday.  If the other two sons weren’t also the sweetest and dearest sons in the world, the youngest would be.  Oh face it, Mama..all your sons are the sweetest and dearest in the world.  I am so happy that I had the other two he is worth diamonds and gold.  MUAH!  Happy birthday dear.

Golden curls, blue eyes and eyelashes so long they look unreal.  That’s my boy!