Thank you so much for the birthday wishes for the youngest. He saw the happy birthdays and appreciated them as did I.

We, he and I are back from over the mountains where we had gone not only to see the middle son but to attend Reedy Creek Nature Preserve Hummingbird banding at the Park.  You have to wait until they are captured before you see them banded though.  That can be a pretty lengthy time. We were there in mid morning and the temperature was 87 however the humidity was off the charts seeming to us.  I thought I had sweat in my life time but I as well as my sons and grandson looked as though we had had a bucket of water thrown at each of us.  An employee of the Park said for twenty five dollars one could adopt a hummingbird. You would get a certificate of adoption with the hummingbird’s band number on it and a picture. They will notify you by mail or email (you register of course) if and when your hummingbird is found or re-captured.  When I post pictures of MY hummingbird (we thought we would melt like the Wicked Witch we were so extraordinarily miserably hot in the humidity with no breeze) you will see a white dot on her head.  They do that, anoint the newly banded hummer with a dot of "paint" on his or her tiny head so as to let them go if they wander into the trap area and get re-captured.  They are already banded, so this is a quick way to see that fact.  The liquid they use (the banders) is like the typewriter erase stuff.

They were captured, wrapped in a tiny scrap of cloth; weighed and measured.  The wee bands were  being held on a diaper pin.  The bands were like the tiny tiny stopper for the backs of women’s shepherd’s hook style pierced earrings.  So tiny you could slip the back of a pierced earring into their numbered band. 

It was worth standing there sweating till another was captured, weighed, measured, and assessed etc etc because she was my adopted hummingbird. That meant after she was banded, she would be placed in the palm of my hand until she flew away.  What a feeling!  A tiny feather weight being in the palm of your hand.  Mine weighed .315 oz. Like a nickel of the change in your pocket.

Here she is being banded.  You can’t see her of course.

This is "my" little girl before she was placed in my hand.  I was just so in love.  I will make a little album tomorrow if you would like to see it.

Missed you guys.  Got home late.