I wish I could hear or read a bit of news regarding the recession without the penny ante, beat-it-to-death, gotta get readership and listeners at any cost, same old same- old stupid remarks by the local TV and newspaper media.

Why, Rambling On!  What on earth do you mean?

Simply put, I feel that the media has made things worse for the economy in a general sort of way.  No, certainly they are not responsible in any way for the mess we are in.  BUT their fear mongering has made a discernible difference I feel.  By ‘fear mongering’ I mean their so-called editorial remarks..either verbal or written in the newspapers reporting an upturn in the economy!  GASP!  An upturn!  Oh NO!  Without a disaster and tragedy no one will read us or listen to us,.  We have to down play this positive news! I am referring to indicators such as either housing starts or general buying that is out of the necessary.  After such reporting, they always insert "But, will it last?" or similar remarks that cast doubt in the minds of viewers who tend to let the media do their research and thinking for them out of convenience.

Without going into the paragraphs I want to go into here, I will spare you and just get to the other point I wanted to make.  If the media cast doubt in the minds of their readers/viewers that the economy is indeed on its way back up again, then that doubt will cause, not unsurprisingly, fear and doubt more strongly in the minds of those who are not willing to think for themselves and analyze what they read and hear.  In turn, they will not spend. 

Now granted, I am waaaaaay over simplifying to make a point,  The point is I think the media have no sense of responsibility and I think the media pander to the lowest common denominator.  Yup.  That’s my point.