Good grief!  I overdid it yesterday.  Way overdid it.  What did you over do, you may well ask. 

I have not been on the treadmill or had any of that sort of activity for 7 weeks.  I just didn’t blog about it.  I did not because the pain in the top of my foot was too bothersome to endure exercise.  I finally gave myself a break and sure enough..the pain went completely away after a short time.  It, the top of the foot pain was brought about by over use and constant pounding of the pavement etc.  AND because I was using worn out shoes,though they didn’t appear to be so to me.  I found out that they had too many miles on them and were indeed worn out from the inside.  So, new shoes, and no pain and I hit the bricks.  I felt great so I did too much.  I also gave my shoulder tendinitis a break and ceased the weights too during the treadmill hiatus.  Mistake.  I should have lowered the weight instead and yesterday for certain I should have lowered the weight and I did not.  Felt like a million dollars yesterday but when I went to bed my  body had other ideas.  Ache.  I got up at 2 to take some Tylenol.  That helped, but I was so wound up from a great active day that I barely napped through the night.  I won’t borrow trouble and I will give myself a day off  today to give the muscles a rest and  give them notice that tomorrow they will be doing it again..just not as much till they "work in" again.  Live and learn.

I canceled a car service appt. for this morning as I am too sleepy.  I would sit there watching a video on my iPod and fall asleep.  Not a good thing. So I will re-make it for next week,

My huge maple tree is coming down within a few weeks.  It is the one I wrote of a month ago that has canker.  It doesn’t have long to live.  I went to City Hall and they said their right of way starts from the middle of the street and extends 20 feet.  Unfortunately, that does not include my tree so… $$$$$.  No one is nesting in it now I trust so I don’t feel as guilty as I would if it was in the Spring or Summer. 

I hope you all have a good day. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do…

This is part of the tree that will have to come down.