I came off the treadmill a while ago after a late start.  About 0730 this morning as I was thinking about getting ready to get up there, the phone rang and it was our friend from New Zealand.  I got to talk to him for an hour or so.  What a wonderful surprise each time he calls.  I now have Skype  this past month or so, but it’s never on.  I have yet to use it the first time.  So he calls the regular phone.  I don’t know why they do it but when I have the Skype function "on" people attach themselves to me and say they are my contact.  I will beg your durn pardon…oh no you ain’t!!!  I delete them and block as soon as I see it.  So, I keep invisible or off of it altogether.

Went thru all my routine getting her meds ready, other to-do’s and then, took a breath and got aboard the ‘mill.  Longest time up in a while.  Came in here and did the weights but skipped (maybe permanently) triceps as that is how I have injured my shoulder.  It will get better..I do triceps agaon and I suffer again.  What about that do I not understand I wonder?

Trying to catch Miss Catt in a good place to apply her medicine.  She’s decent about it but in no way makes it easy.  Laughed yesterday at her because she saw me coming..she meowed and left where she had been sitting.  She knew without a doubt what was headed her way..the medicine.  BUT, she skipped an important step (getting meds)  by leaving and she went right to the treat place in the kitchen as if she had had her meds.  I reached and opened the treat containing cabinet door, yes, and put a few on her mat.  BUT I also reached for her meds and applied them as she was eating.  She was like" Oh for pity sakes!  ALRIGHT!!!"

So, treadmill and weights done.  Tylenol if needed before I go to bed.  Last night was fine but I took the day off. 

It’s like over at Beth Marie’s place..raining and has been and will continue.  Sigh. 

I’ve quit dewing up …sweating to regular folks..and it’s time and late doing it, to get ready for the day.  I have people to see and bother.