I finished up on the treadmill and throwing the weights around.  I recorded my numbers which is my reward.  It is something I love to do..I look forward to it and it is the best reward I could have..making my self report on paper.

However, I thought,"why not add to that"?  So I decided to order something from a sales catalogue from J-C- P*n*Eys.  Now that the President and Premiere of North America seems to have given up occasional attempts at, shall we call it texturizing my furniture fabrics with her able front claws, I have used a throw to cover just the bottom part of the recliner for example, as no more coverage has been needed against the fur that gets left over time when she naps up there.

Moving on, I thought that I would order a throw since it was a twenty dollar one on sale for $9.99.  I called the operator, gave the order, she came back with the total cost over @ over twenty dollars.  It was perilously close to twenty one dollars.  I said to her without thinking first, "Holy COW".  In the wake of my "expletive", she said shipping and handling made up the rest (and tax of course).  Please!!!!  I said disregard the order..she mentioned that if I picked it up at the store as opposed to having it come here to the house, several dollars would be pared from the price.  I went ahead with it then,  but man…when rant day comes, I may address horrible punishing S&H charges everywhere.  The TV shopping channels have upped their charges by several dollars as well. Just mentally  add 10-13 dollars for every purchase on those channels for S&H and the taxes in your State.  Mine (taxes) are almost 10%.  Makes you not want to order that way and I already mentioned  catalogue places that  ask for tax on the S&H.  Please.  When pigs fly.  You sure ain’t gittin’ MY business.  (I know that is not their choice..it is mandated.  Soon, it will be in place across the board ).

The President thanks you from her Veranda for the wonderful and well deserved compliments on her staggering beauty.