That’s how much I had in my coin dish.  I took it to one of my banks this morning as I always do when it gets filled and used the free for members coin sorter.  All I had to do was take the receipt to the teller and got my one hundred two dollars and seventeen cents.  I hauled that out of there and spent forty some dollars on the oldest’s Christmas presents.  I like to get a good start and I’m falling behind a little.  Have one half shopped for, another started and the other barely started.  It’s September now..I will be thinking more about it.

One of my dear friends told me this morning that one of his pets passed away last night while the household was asleep.  He woke to find her gone already and having tried to get to her favorite hiding place.  Precious little girl.  That is so very hard on everyone including the other pets.  It was not totally unexpected as she has had a rough time of it medically speaking though she was very young. She was a rescue pet.

I have been dismayed at the price rises in WM, you know, the big box store.  Not really sure why they did that as they have lulled us all in and now, seems they lowered the boom.  I go elsewhere for meat anyway as there are no additives at a certain store I go to.  You won’t have one..It’s a Tennessee, Virginia and Kentucky based chain.  Their prices are high too, BUT you get good meat and chicken when you need it with no water, no sodium, no  additives or injections at all.  But, the produce is better there at the store I just mentioned regarding meat as is Kr***r stores lines of produce, good.  I can still get my favorite bread at WM for $2.78 a loaf where other places want $3.25 or more for it.  Ain’t worth going to WM just for bread though.  I think I will stick to their brand of coffee and bread and  leave the rest   of the groceries alone and keep checking to see if the toiletries are still less expensive as they have been at least up to now.

Note Bene:  Shipping and Handling:  unfortunately it IS taxable when and if it is enforced. 

Also, regarding S&H, as several mentioned, I try to weigh S&H against convenience and nearness of the same thing near me.  I don’t cotton to ordering by catalogue if it’s in a store near me. 

Go forth and smile and be happy,  it sure is easier on ya.
This is for you.