My title making/thinking mental machinery is on strike. 

I am getting ready to leave in an hour or so to a fun time with a bunch of friends.  I love these times.  We eat too much, we run other people out of the restaurant or at least our proximity because we are so loud and boisterous.  We do run ’em out.  Not on purpose…we just think of us and not them.   I have seen people take their dishes and move to another part of the room.

 This all started when we all met at Shoney’s usually, after the last midnight shift.  We’d lay our faces down in the scrambled eggs, scarf up half a pound of bacon each, snap up some biscuits, ladle on the sausage gravy…eat it all and go back to the buffet for fresh fruit for dessert.  After 14 or so hours of battling on the job, we were fresh if not tired and sleepy, but ready to roll anyway and loud.  Very loud. We’d been loud all night..hard to quit.  Most times there would be two groups partially and Utility workers too.  Electricians, pipe fitter, machinists..just whoever showed up.  We all know one another and like one another.  Matters not if I or anyone else is a supervisor..all bets are off on the last midnight shift breakfast.  We are just there for the food and more…did I say loud?  companionship and laughter.  Doesn’t matter a lot if your mouth is full of eggs or gravy talk anyway.  Loudly.  We (shout?) and sit around and talk about one another and anything funny that happened or serious too for that matter and eventually, eyelids start slamming down and yawning increases so we mosey out, pay our bills and talk a few minutes more in the parking lot..then head home to bed.  I, as do/did many, slept 4 hrs. till noon and suffered the rest of the day till most people’s bedtimes, and fell out flat into bed dead to the world.  I did that to get my nights turned around to days again.  When I got up that next day, I felt like a zillion dollars and ready to roll! 

So..gonna meet up with a lot of them about 1100.  It will be 1230 at least before the first of us starts out of the restaurant.  They always put us into one of the large back rooms at tables lined up.  We do a roll call and start eatin’!  There’s  lot of shouting and hee -hawing  and laughter.  I’m sitting here smiling just thinking of it. We think of one another as family because we are a close knit group due to circumstances.  Sometimes, as other shift workers actually and truly spend more time with your co-workers than with your family due to long regular hours and copious overtime. 

Bent your ear long enough.  Need to get bootiful.