It may be raining way too much but it sure beats a drought.  It is dampish in the house too for some reason.  I don’t care for that.  It may just be me.
I was going to do some errands after church but came home and did some necessary cleaning instead.  SOMEONE is stationed at the front door..laid out like a small carpet and asleep.  So I can’t vacuum.  No, it doesn’t scare her.  I took care of that with all my pets by carrying them around close up to my chest when they were babies while I vacuumed.   They’re used to the vacuum.  I do it so often no wonder they are, really,  I have a carpet that shows "tracks" (my mistake when I bought it) and so I like it to look well groomed for at least a while. 
I couldn’t do the cleaning yesterday because it’s football time in Tennessee.  The VOLS i.e. Volunteers, the  University of Tennessee played and shellacked their opposition, Western Kentucky.  We play UCLA here at home next Saturday.  So, me and the oldest were over at the youngest’s home watching the game on his even larger than ours, TV.  As the Vols are, thank goodness now under a new Head Coach, Lane Kiffin, we are all of us hoping for some better news than the extraordinarily embarrassing last two seasons when the Vols lost horribly.  They didn’t rank at all.  Kiffin and his Dad Monte Kiffin and Ed Ogeron and other staff changes have worked the VOLS hard, the way they needed to be worked, since Lane was installed as the new Head Coach in December I think it was.  They have worked their shirts off and the VOLS have been fantastic about it.  They welcomed the challenge of grueling hard work and learning.  Those who didn’t want to tough out the rigerous physical conditioning, left the program.  That was the best thing that ever happened for the program.  Time was that the Vols always ran out of gas at the end of the first half.  Not now!  They worked extremely hard in training and in the game.  They played the entire game..not half of it the way they used to.  the guys’ musculature is impressive.  Some have gained weight (the good way!) and they were a force to be reckoned with.  Now, that Saturday will be a more fair test as to how much they have learned.  Kiffin started at least three freshman who did the program extremely proud!  Freshman never ever had a chance here under the old regime no matter how good they were.  Now..if they prove themselves during training and camps..they’re in..and man, did they ever shine!
OK.  Enough about football.  I feel like after a year or so, the Vols will be not only back in contention again but well ahead of the game.  The coaching changes were desperately needed.  It was sad when they fired Fulmer, but he got bought out for six, I’ll take firing any ol’ day for six million.  Roger that?