I have my shorts and tank top on.  Even socks on my feet and a bandana tied around my head for sweat.  You know what’s waiting in there.  I’m always glad when I do my duty up there but I just hate doing it sometimes..and this is one of those times.
Another dreary rainy off and on type of day. Supposed to be that way from yesterday onward the rest of the week.  We are 10 inches above normal rainfall. 
My town has become a speed trap. How embarrassing!  I wrote about that before a month or so ago.  They, the City, got those free red light cameras (of course the company gets a big percentage of the fine money) and have them installed at 4 locations so far.  There is the "promise" of 16 more.  And this is a small town of 26,000 people with two main drags.  C’mon.  Naturally, while they got some local people to be sure..they are making..or should I say raking in piles of money from people in the next towns over who come whistling through on their way to work.  They deserve their fines, I won’t argue that as does anyone who is exceeding the speed limit by more than 10 miles per hour.  (that is my little arbitrary number that I made up) However to have those things up all over town..16 of them at least makes it pretty expensive if you wander over the limit by a little bit and that happens even with your best intentions.  Ain’t no one coming here for grins and giggles and shopping if they can help it.  The City will make plenty though from the ones who have to come through on their way to work either here or in outlying areas.  Here is a link you may enjoy,  At least we haven’t gotten this bad yet.  But frankly I wouldn’t be surprised.  You might want to go before the web site deletes it as old news.  Believe me, you’ll enjoy the news article.  It’s so bizarre you’d think it was a joke..but it isn’t. 
Know what?  That machine is still in there.  I hear it hissing and snorting.  I think it started its own motor and it’s revving it.  Good grief.  OK.  I’ll go on and get in there where I belong.  Go see that link.  I know you’ll like it.
Here is a picture I took in the arboretum.  I was IN the bush, straining upwards with the camera and myself. Sometimes it is a real disadvantage to be so short.  I should not have even bothered taking the picture but I was stubborn and did anyway.  as always, click for a crisper image w/o blog color. Also, clicking enlarges and that helps.  I hope.