Good Morning and Hi..Hello and Guten Tag, Guten Morgen, Gruss Gott, and…Howdy!

Just a note here.  My town is not Knoxville.  That is the Big City as I have always called it in my blogs since day one.  I don’t live in Knoxville..I just have it up for weather as it is not terribly distant from me.  I won’t say where I live. That would be tellin’.  So, while Knoxville has many speed/redlight cameras, they aren’t as greedy and ridiculous as where *I* live.  Also, these are cameras situated along side the roadways..not like the ones  in cities that take videos and shots of ordinary citizens going about their business.  Several of the blog family seemed as though they thought I was talking about the invasive Go-o-gle cameras in towns everywhere invading your personal privacy.  The cameras I refer to, speed and red light just take a picture of your license plate and back of your car.  You can stand on the street corner and make faces…no one will ever know except passers-by.

I just got off the treadmill. Thought I would just get it over with.  Ramped up the speed again to former levels as I had to re-condition due to 8 weeks off (back/knees) so I am feeling glowing and good.  I did my weights and starting to raise the weight too again back to my former level except for triceps (which, of course need it the worst!!) as I had lowered the weight due to the hiatus I took because of my shoulder’s injury.

Anyway, I am waiting for Her Majesty to come out from her morning nap after the exertions of eating her breakfast and then I will try to dab that medicine in her ear flap skin.  (not the inner ear..just the skin at the tips of her ears).  Regardless, I will clean up and get on out of here.  I only have 2 1/4 miles down and need at least anther 2 3/4 so I am moving to the outside IF it will quit raining. 

I have had better weekends I must say.  I’m grateful each day  that my problems are nothing compared to some which is why I never bring them up. But the weekend is over and each day is another chance at what we’re supposed to be doing if we just do it. 

I will call the Dr. office to see when they are giving the regular flu shots in a few minutes.  I’ll just pay the money in a drugstore if I have to wait a long time for it.

You guys be sure to get yours too.  As for the swine flu, I guess we will see how they do it for the general population after the kids are taken care of.  One of my sons is a teacher and I am hoping he is included (he’s young) in the shots early on.

OK dudes..I’m so out of here for now.