This morning when the pest control man got here, he said "here..a cookie for you".  He’s stopped off for something at Walmart that was taking some time so he headed off to the bakery to make use of that time while he waited for his prescription to be filled.  He bought two for him and decided to get one for me.  Now, that was nice!  It was also totally delicious.  One of those Macadamia nut decadently moist cookies that you’d have to be un -American not to like. ( or un- Canadian…whatever you are)  It wasn’t huge..not saucer sized the way they sometimes come, but more like the palm of your hand size. It was rich and delicious.

Meanwhile, after looking through Carrie’s pictures of her garden fruits and veggies, I was transfixed by the cabbages so I headed off to the market and bought me one.  He’s in there boiling with some ham as we speak. I’ll have some for supper.  I’ll also be smelling it for hours and hours.  That’s the thing with cooking cabbage, the aroma stays.

I am still trying to medicate Miss Catt.  Grrr.  As she herself said in her blog yesterday, she has no idea why she wants to avoid it.  It is a stroke of gel applied with a soft felt tip of a pen-like applicator to the pink of her ear.  In no way des it hurt, smart or sting.

   She is just being obstreperous.  She likes this photo I took of her yesterday because it emphasizes her feminine shape and her coats glossiness. 

I took the camera out but it and I returned with nothing but the cabbage to cook.  No one commented on that Corvette’s license plate and that surprised me a little as I thought that was pretty clever. I just wish I could find out what color that ‘Vette was.  Not any shade of red I had seen so far.  It is as hard to describe as when the first Saturn’s came out back mid 90’s or whenever it was.  The first two years had that distinctive metallic gorgeous shade of teal/blue/green. The cars that had that color were sold first as the color was gorgeous and it was unusual plus not offered before.  I went to their web site and discovered that they retired that color.  After two years!  Go figure.  Off the charts popular and they retired it.  Now when I looked that up was the late 90’s.  But I know neither they nor anyone else has that color.  And this Corvette’s color is just as hard to describe.  It was red with like a touch of gold and no, not orange. (Shudder at the thought).’s to lunch. That’s my adoptee having a nectar break while she went thru all the banding, weighing and measuring,