I’m here in my shorts and tee shirt and…"IT" is in there waiting.  I even have the fan in front of "IT".  Everything is ready but me.  I’ll get there though. Just working up to it. Her Majesty is taking her after breakfast nap under her bed so I may as well get her medicine prepared.  If she hears me turning the applicator (twisting) to get the gel onto the tip of the felt, she takes off as though she’s in a race!  She knows that sound so I close the house doors and go into the yard to do that so she can’t hear it and I can sneak up on her. 

I was thinking about the flu.  My doctor’s office will have a meeting about when they are going to offer flu shots today.  It made me think about a few years back when my teacher son was on Christmas break and home for the holiday.  One of the kids had given him the flu although he didn’t know that until he had been here a few days.  He got sick in the night including a high fever.  He was wiped out.  He managed to come into the living room and then I, who was on a long break from work, caught the flu from him.  My youngest was still here at the time I might add and he escaped getting it somehow someway.  But there my sick son was, ensconced on the couch and I on the love seat, sicker’n dawgs.  We stayed there in our respective places from the time we could make it down the hall from the bedrooms early mornings until it was time to go back in the evenings.  That was THE worst case of the flu either of us have ever had in our lives.  He sat and I sat on our couches never speaking, not moving except occasionally for the bathroom,  barely drinking or eating, not reading, not watching TV,  not talking…nothing.  Just silent.  For days.  We were totally down for days.  He’s reading this when he gets home from school today and he will remember.  The youngest was home as I said and as it was a holiday week, he wasn’t in school.  Since I had been stricken during the night too when it started, I had risen out of bed with…gasp…curlers in my hair, and a nightgown of course.  I put on a robe and went to the living room..the youngest fended for himself meal-wise the entire course of the flu as I was so weak I couldn’t move. 

After several days of seeing us never moving..sitting like statues day into the night he said "Mom!  Take the curlers out of your hair"! (they had been in my hair for several days…too weak to take them out) "Put on some makeup.  Change your clothes!"  And to his brother..much of the same..just changed to "SHAVE!  MOVE" and words of that order.  It took us 3 or 4 days to be able to obey the youngest’s orders.  I can understand his frustration.  He was in here with two really sick sick sick people..no way of getting out and away for awhile due to ice and snow..and unsure what was going to happen to us or to him really.  Somehow we got through that and I hope to never ever get that sick with the flu again.  Not the most fun trip down memory lane this morning and the treadmill is still there!!! So..so long for now.