Today is going to be a real test for our Tennessee Volunteers.  Last week we gave the opponent a shellacking.  This week, will we be the ones to get a shellacking?  This game with UCLA will be a more true test of the ability of the team with their new Coach, Lane Kiffin and how hard the Vols have worked so far. 

I had forgotten all about TCM after raving about it a month or so ago, so it was on while I read the paper a while ago. I still can’t imagine people dressing that way or looking that way..the antique cars..the mode of dress.  That is truly a time gone by..and what a shame in a way.  The Hunchback of Notre Dame will be on tomorrow at 1000.  I believe that is starring Charles Laughton.

Anyone ever get a spanking at school when they were little?  I got one.  It wasn’t a spanking however.  I was in second grade and for whatever reason..not action on my part, the teacher lumped me in with another child in some talking and both of us got a ruler smacking down hard on our outstretched hands.  I was embarrassed and hurt to the core because I really hadn’t been the one who was talking to that other child.  But as happens in life, I got punished anyway.  Protestations were not allowed.  By the way, lest you think this was in  the year1700 or something, the high school my kids attended had the corporeal punishment going on too.  The parent had to sign off on it..give the school permission to swat them. Some did, some didn’t.  I didn’t.  And too, my kids never did get into trouble.  The oldest son while in kindergarten did turn on and off the classroom light switch a lot of times in succession.  The teacher called me to tell me but she thought it was funny.  I did too. That’s about it.  They weren’t like me..playing hooky to watch soaps.  But, I used to go to the middle school and take each one out of school on a rotating basis for half a day to spend it with me as a treat and ‘just us’ time.  My work schedule was very harsh and this was my way to get some you and me time in without any other consideration. The school didn’t mind because the kids’ grades were very high and they always did their work home and there. Those were memorable and fun times.  I wish I could still do that but their employers…never mind they themselves, would object. 

Little Miss came to bed at bedtime on her own these past two nights and held my wrist in her "hands", laid her head on top of my wrist and went to sleep.  That was my privilege to be still and not disturb her.  The lure of faintly cooler nights must be it. to see what’s going on till I am tuning in ESPN at 1600 hrs.