Today it didn’t rain and after the fog burned off, it has been sunny and about 80 degrees.  However, rain will again be a factor at least part of the day every single day next week.  It’s getting old, all of this rain. But today, there is sun. I’m grateful.

I was going to separate the already bought Christmas presents and actually wrap them this afternoon until I went into the closet and found I had used up all of the Christmas paper this past year.  I could use bags and I still have enough at this point but I find it much easier to stack and store the early presents when they are wrapped as opposed to gift bags.  At least in the small area I have to put stored things of that nature. So, I will have to wait.  I seriously doubt that I will find Christmas wrap easily even with commercialism so rampant these days.  Maybe after Halloween. I hope I am kidding.

Miss Catt has her own blog in Blogspot and yesterday while she was about to sign in and say something, she found to her horror a trojan horse virus. Well, McAfee found it for her instantly and removed it.  She and I both saw the notification come up immediately.  We logged off Blogspot and went straight to McAfee and sure enough..there we found all the info that McAfee left for us to read.  Gee whiz.  Even Miss Catt isn’t safe!

Obviously, I have nothing to say.  I’ll quit this and go read the paper.