Tomorrow will be heading to the Bank to do something with some monies.  I have checked their rates, the rates of the two credit unions I belong to..three sets of rates and my bank has the T total worst of the bunch.  Can you fathom a .75% for a rate for the range 5-10 thousand dollars? And hardly any more for 10-25 thousand. I mean, my checking account pays a little better than that for pete sakes. I can put it under the mattress and do better. I think dust mites give at least 1% interest. I will not reinvest any sum into something paying hardly more than collecting dust.

This is our last decent day with rain arriving, again, tonight and staying all week long till Saturday. Miss Catt got to thinking whether or not she wants to continue her blog.  For one thing, she saw another seemingly suspicious thing last evening.  This is addition to what she went thru with the trojan horse.  May not be worth it.  She’s thinking it over.  She may go somewhere else she said, where the blogging area is a little more under control.  If she can’t find that, she said she gives.

I’m being treated to dinner tonight.  That’s always fun and I’m looking forward to it.  If you’ll wear your shoes and a shirt, you can come along!
This kitten food is in New Zealand  and the boys got some good laughs with it.  It looks like there is processed  kitten and beef in the food.  (better not be!) by the way it is labeled.  That’s my middle son holding the box.