I went to the Bank as I said I would..even worse than I found online yesterday,  .70 %!!!!  I asked in a nice tone if she was pulling my leg, knowing full well she wasn’t.  I asked her to dig deep but..alas and alack (I think I spelled that archaic phrase correctly) it was .70% indeed.  Not even the .75% it had been. So, I withdrew the money.  That’s a first.  I guess I will go to one of my Credit Unions.I’ll get almost 3 times as much.  Two and a half that is.  Or as I said, tuck it under the mattress.

I liked the soap rocks too..and here is a little more on them for you if you are interested and btw..yes, indeed it smells very nice.  In one of the pictures I will have here you can see the plastic shrink wrap on it still.  These also come in birthstone colors and are made with some glycerin.


They are very unusual and fun to have in the bathroom for folks to enjoy using.  They will eventually "wear" down through use to look like a polished gemstone. Gosh, I feel like a salesperson. 🙂 

Well, the oldest will be here this rainy weekend.  It will be a comfort food thing again.  Macaroni and cheese will be a part of it to be sure.  I still have blueberries..I may do the muffin thang again.

Y’all come.