And here I thought it was Thursday.  Sigh.  That of course means that I thought yesterday was Wednesday, hence I took the recyclables bin out to the curb.  Which means the neighbors think I’m slipping..which of course, I have to be to misplace a day!  Oh well.  That means I don’t have to lug it out  today.  Look on the bright side. It’s a done deal. (I do hate it when I pull a stunt like that).

I have twin rants.  One: that I completely disagree with the findings published in some news media or on-line articles that store brand food is always as good as the name brand.  I strongly beg to differ.  Now, if you don’t care that your can of a certain store brand (unfair to say which here in print) of corn has corn that is like stone pellets in consistency, then, fair enough.  I suppose the taste is OK.  But when you’re chewing it, it should not be like chewing bullets.  Their peas are the same way. So are the beans of any kind.  I will add that to me, the taste is a tad off but tolerable.  I mentioned before that if you look at the nutrition on the labels, store brands are always ALWAYS higher in fat, calories, salt, sugar and in saturated fat than brand names. Bush’s pinto beans are like 80 or 90, forgot which, calories per serving.  The store brand  I checked is 130 calories per serving..additional fat as well.

Last week when at another store, I bought their brand of canned fruit.  The pears were like, made from wood or something they were so hard..the calorie count was higher as always and..the taste was OK.  So now, unless prices climb way up the way they were a year ago, I will buy the name brands.  They really are better.  This opinion so far is for canned foods.  The  store brand graham crackers across the board no matter where I have gone, are thin, break in the box and have a greasy under- taste.  I discovered this because the store brand at Wa***** was as much in cost as the national brand.  I am not paying that much for a store brand, so I bought the National brand.  TONS better in taste and in consistency.  You do get what you pay for usually except Wa***** raised their generic price to National brand price.  Stuff like cake mixes, etc. are about the same to me.  No complaint there.  Just canned goods and crackers including saltines are on my complaint list. 


The other thing is..I wish folks would not condemn an entire Country just because they don’t like the politics of that Country.  Guess what?  The people are just like you and me, and are generally good and kind.  They can’t control what happens in Politics.  Not everyone is fortunate that way to have some minor voice.


Rants done. Whew.