Kidding, but I do have a complaint. We have had a solid week of rain.  Not every second of every day but most of the day every day.  When it’s not raining, it is still oppressively humid and totally gray.  Well..looking at the weather this noon, it is forecast that we have another solid unrelenting week of rain.  Two weeks of rain.  Nashville had 4 inches in 24 hours.  Arkansas..or a part of it got 20 inches!!! There is a system, a cold front north of us that is keeping this low here and channeling moisture up from the Gulf unremittingly.  This is really old.

I found some Christmas wrap.  I am not in the mood to wrap the presents I already have any longer, but still, it is so ugly and wet out there I may just stay in and do what I have anyway.

I must tell you that me and Miss Catt are quite taken with Pete, a very handsome and debonair orange colored male cat complete with racing stripes all over his handsome self.  We saw him on Flickr and my goodness…Miss Catt just keeps me going back.  She even went into dignified raptures over him on her own blog yesterday evening.  She leaves adoring remarks on his photographs as they appear.  She’s quite smitten.  She’s planning to get brushed up, into a lighter part of the house where there is SOME light besides the flash (it is soooo gloomy and dark every day) and have some pictures taken in order to wow Pete.  

Who has tried Birds Eye steamed veggies or rice?  I have and I want you to know they are absolutely delicious!  I especially like what they term South Western style rice or veggies.  YUMMY!

People come and people go in the blog family, don’t they?  There are several I grew fond of who don’t come to Spaces any more as they are taken up with Face Book.  It’s kinda sad in a way, at east for me for as I said, I became fond of them only to see their sunny presence disappear.  But someone somewhere else is enjoying their comments.  That’s a good thing. 😉

I’ll have company on part of the weekend.  Yup.  Oldest son. So planning what to eat.  Looks like biscuits and sausage gravy for Saturday morning.  Eggs too.  Fried potatoes would be going too far probably but I’m thinking of it.

Well, I will go my wet rainy way. Keep your respective powders dry. 

Dreaming of….him.