Well, my goodness.  I asked my human mom to place an especially well posed and considered portrait (not a picture..a portrait) of me in Flickr. The purpose is to lure my Honey of choice, Pete, into noticing me.  I feel that Emmit may have forgotten me as I haven’t heard from him lately although I keep is State Portrait of him that was sent by his own claws, close to my little fleece oval shaped bed.  However, back to my portrait.  I had mom upload my divalicious likeness to Flickr where Pete would see it and the lure worked!  Pete’s mom left a comment that she had shown Pete my likeness and  that he is in love. 
Oh, he is so handsome with his  dark rust colored racing stripes all over his sleek orange self.  Mom  would put his picture here for me to show off but she can’t as his pictures, as are mine, are copywrited. But trust me, he is a handsome dashing fella worthy of my attention.
For my portrait, I was well brushed to a gleaming shine. My long hair forms soft curls on my deep cream tummy and the ends of my soft pink toes. They, my little curls, were burnished with a  brush that was made to enhance my beauty.  My cream colored chin and chest cascaded into a smooth as satin glory and looked like cream poured out into a priceless porcelain dish.  My coat was satiny smooth shades of gray and cream and touches of deep orange with a few subtle deep gray racing stripes of my own.  I knew when I posed with my gorgeous eyes upturned, that I could and would capture his heart. 
I hope Pete has my beautiful likeness firmly in mind as I do not like competition!  He won’t see mom’s blog as he doesn’t know about it so I can tell you all about my campaign to dazzle Pete.