Several of the blog family mentioned the sometimes problem of finding their car in a large parking lot.  Boy, that’s the truth.  I have finally learned to MOST times look at the aisle number  as I walk toward a store (when there is such a thing as numbered aisles) and commit the number to memory so I have a chance to find the car on the way out.  I do have a small aid to help me as well.  I took a leaf from one of my son’s book in that he has a Tennessee orange "Power T" foam T on top of his radio antenna.  Stands right out.  Bright orange, and a T…and in North Carolina to boot.  Me..I am amazed how few folks have anything on their antenna (when the car is old enough to still come with one that sticks up a little..mine is short (like me) but it’s visible).  They used to say something about using a ball or whatnot stuck on top of the antenna but…so did everyone else so that didn’t help.
I just started a couple years ago using the T on top of my little stubby antenna.  I try to remember where I was so I can start off in the right direction while scanning for that orange T.  The bad part is when I am used to always parking in the lot at the Grocery end of Wally’s and come marching out on the retail end..mindlessly looking for at least 2 minutes for a car that is far away.  I just make the usual bee line once I recall that I went thru the grocery end.
My hummingbirds are still here.  I sort of wish they’d fly on back so I will know they are safe.  But as I have said numerous times..they know when to go and they’ll head off then. Even if they over will scare me to death but they’ll survive.  I didn’t know that until I heard it discussed by the hummingbird experts while at the banding event you saw pictures of, August 22.
If I can find it, I will post a picture..not too good, of two maybe 11 years old girls accompanied by their mom, dressed in hummingbird costumes at the banding event in Charlotte.  Look at those beaks!
See you tomorrow.