Today starts week three of unrelenting rain.  Every day for these past two weeks and now today starts  three weeks, we have had rain.  To say that it’s old old old is an understatement.  It’s no exaggeration that we have had rain each and every single day for two weeks going on three as of today and it will continue through this week as well.

Remember when I blogged that the letters are all coming off my computer keyboard?  I had even put a picture on last year when I still had that computer so you could see it.  I had hoped to find white ink to reapply missing letters but there is no such animal anywhere I have looked.  I also looked for stickers with small enough lettering to stick on the missing ones.  No such thing.  Several of you stated the obvious..touch type but guess what?  I can’t.  It isn’t as though I didn’t get forced into it (the course) in school.  I even paid for a course to teach me to touch type.  Sometimes no matter how educated you are, it makes no difference to the impulses that travel to the fingers and a keyboard.  Mine went out to lunch and never came back. I type about 38 wpm with  two and sometimes three fingers.  Good enough and I never have been nor wished to be an administrative type who needs typing on a keyboard as a plus. I am hopeless. BUT:  After all of these years (used to have one for our Mac back in the 80’s) I have finally found a keyboard skin for the laptop.  My oldest did that is.  While he was here this weekend he showed me his keyboard skin for his laptop which he had brought with him.

I had tried to find a skin for a long long time but there were none available.  Now, there are several places.  I need one to keep from wearing off more letters.  I have already decimated five letters. I also happen to like the feel of typing with a keyboard skin.  Many people don’t care for that feeling on their fingers.  I do.  It was like old times typing on his laptop to see how it was.  I only need a skin for the keyboard because I don’t type as others do.  When I type, I "stab" at the keys with my fingernails.  My youngest observed that and said that was why I was wearing off the fingernails.  No matter how short I have trimmed them, I still don’t use my finger pads to type though I try to remember. So, next best thing as soon as I can get one of the places to answer the phone so I can ask about my particular model.  They have every model number it seems but mine.  (This is still a fairly new computer). Of course most want a skin against spills etc.  I don’t eat or drink near my computer.  It’s for letter wear only.

I am about to finish getting ready for the day.  I’m trying to quit sweating from the workout so I can apply a little makeup.   Se ya in a little while,  Have a great day.  Since you’re having a day, may as well make it a good one.