Yesterday I discussed my obtaining a keyboard and monitor skin.  Most of you if not all had not heard of such a thing.  To me, they are worth their weight in platinum and as I mentioned yesterday, that will be the last of the worn off letters on the keyboard.  And, when the grandson is here, he has an awful habit of touching the screen.  Gives me the jim jams.  This will fix that. Not to mention my petting the opulent and luxurious Miss Catt and then continuing to type will not bring many fur strands to the keyboard.  (You might never know this cat was brushed each day!)

Here you go for those who are interested.  This is where I bought my skins.

I am still cooling off from my treadmilling.  I have to clean up and get on my way.  One thing first on the list is my flu shot, then the credit union for a deposit into their CD’s as my bank’s rate was .70.  The CU is three times that.

The tree cutter will be here Friday and my poor maple will be no more.  He called yesterday and said that of course, the three weeks of rain have delayed the  cutting and he had to wait for the City to come up here and look it over as the branches tower over the high voltage lines.  The City had to set a time with the cutter to be here.  This will happen Friday.  I despair of this all happening as we in the family love the tree.  It is a huge towering one and if a tree could be proud, this one is.  But is is diseased and will be mostly dead and fall.  It has to be done.

Here is a pic of this fairly new computer’s keyboard:

The exposure is bad.  I had it set for an aperture of 3.8 and when I saw that sepia like overcast tone, I should have adjusted.  I just didn’t.  🙂 That’s the blog on the screen just before I took the photo and my sweat rag to the right.  I’m almost ready for a wash up.  Whew.