As I was driving down the streets yesterday I noticed that there are toadstools and mushrooms on people’s lawns everywhere.  Not many exceptions.  I usually get some too but I haven’t been out in the yard to see if I too have a collection.  I did note that there is deep green algae on a few parts of the boarding of the deck and privacy fence and some white fungi, small amounts so far, on the decking.  It’s this three weeks of rain which will go into the forth week here shortly and finally the rain will diminish, they say.  Yesterday we did have about 3 hours of cloudy sunlight when the clouds parted late in the day, to go along with the requisite rain. I just had the grass cut a few days ago and of course it is quite well grown again.

As I mentioned yesterday, the keyboard and monitor skins are on their way to me.  I only posted the picture so you could see the wear already on the keys.

I also mentioned that the tree will be coming down on Friday.  I will miss seeing it and it’s golden change of season beauty each year.

I watched DWTS last night and Kelly Osbourne just amazed me with how well she did.  I think she, Krupa and Mya will be the ones to beat.  The men..can’t think of the name of the Kung Fu master but he will be hard to beat as well.  Maybe Ashley and Macy will leave tonight?

Have the best of days.