Someone tell me why a cat will recline..lay down..lie down, whatever the word is, wherever there is a threshold/doorway? It doesn’t matter which door you want to open or close..if you have a cat, they will be laying right on or across or in front of it.  Even the refrigerator.  If you need to put something in or take it out..there will be a cat asleep in front if it. It’s all over because you can’t disturb that beauty sleep..not that they need beauty sleep they are already gorgeous.

So you head off to another part of the house to do something while waiting.  They move eventually, especially if you rattle the little treat bag of Pounce.  When they rise from that seeming coma they were in and come for the treat, you open/close whatever door you were trying to get at. 

That works about the same as when you have an indoor- outdoor cat.  (mine is strictly in 100% of the time) (but the cat before her was indoor -outdoor) and they want either in or out.  OK.  You open the door and they step right over the threshold, and just: stand there.  You see their little sides moving in and out as they breathe in the air from the other side of the door mixing with your indoor air now because you have been standing there holding the door for several minutes while they enjoy the day, right there on the threshold.  A nudge with your sock foot helps get them moving again.  But it’s inevitable!  They’ll do it every time.

Or you’ll be almost asleep..just having succumbed to the arms of Morpheus when WHAM!  10 or however many pounds leaps onto your body from the floor and starts walking over and up you.  The initial horrible shock of being leapt upon dies down quickly and the two of you drift off together into lullaby land.

Or you’ll be standing at the sink on the kitchen perhaps, and you’ll turn to put something on the counter behind you.  Softness like mink is on your ankle and leg and you have wounded your poor companion cat who was patiently, silently and worse still, invisibly behind you.  Oh them anguish of having hurt such a soft sweetie.  You follow the wounded sentinel to under the bed and abjectly apologize over and over, straining to get yourself under the bed with him or her to pet the poor wounded little thing and make it better.

Then, right after having breakfast..maybe an hour later, there is this gorgeous upturned face with huge beautiful eyes looking at you while you are in the kitchen, silently (not very!) asking for more. 

The life of a pet owner/servant.