"It never fails" department.  (I should save this for next Wednesday).

Where’s the dude in charge of sending folks to your door or yard if you are not ready to receive company or business people?  Tell him to quit that if you see him!!

My tree is supposed to be cut down today but it is raining and there was a thunderstorm going on as well.  Needless to say no one will be here for tree cutting.  However, I got myself outside very very early this morning (and very early out of the bed consequently since I had no idea it was going to storm) and moved the car across the street so as to be out of the driveway as the tree is right next to the driveway.  Having done that at about 0645..I saw the bird feeder needed attention.  I clapped on a straw hat, a goofy looking one I might add, to cover my newly shampooed and styled hair while out there in the rain fixing the feeder.  Lo and behold..here comes a truck of City maint. guys right to the edge of the yard..starting at me in my goofy hat and not too hot ensemble of black T and denim crop pants.  No face on of course and no hair visible as it was covered by the broad brimmed hat (I always told ya I am high maintainence).  I got stared at as I made my way to the side porch after being over where the feeder is. 

Then, not 20 minutes later as I was climbing into something else to wear I heard a loud horn.  It was one of my fave Harley riders come to say a great good morning to m from across the street no less! NO way was I ready for anyone.  It’s not even 8 yet.  A couple days ago, I was getting out of the workout clothes and a knock on the door.  It was the guy who does the yard.  I stuck my head around and said "Just a minute!" and tried to get some clothes on to go to the door.  Sigh.  So that dude that’s in charge of this sort of thing needs to give me a break.  I get the same thing while out there weeding, when it’s damp and too warm and sweat dripping..ugly kneeling in the dirt clothes, raggedy hat and filthy gloves..here comes City maintainence again!  Right to the yard’s edge for some thing to do or other. 

To those who sent me snail mail and electronic birthday cards..lots of love and many thanks  to you for them.  This is why you’re family. 

Miss Catt wants to know what all the fuss is about.  She said it isn’t HER birthday so…what’s the big deal?  I asked her just to be a good girl and we’ll call it even.  (Hers is in December).  Usually my former boss calls to wish me a happy one.  I wonder of he will this year too. 

The youngest will be by sometime today.  Yippee.

See ya in a while.  I’ve been by some of you already.