It’s raining and thundering out this morning.  This is week 4 of rain.  Sometime by midweek..Tuesday or Wednesday to come, it is supposed to stop and we are supposed to have some sun.
The tree was not cut down yesterday as there was driving rain, thunder and even some lightening.  That lasted the morning.the rain did, and then it was too late when it stopped the driving hard rain and became occasional little showers instead.  It’s a huge tree and it will take some hours to limb it and cut it down what with the additional problem of the high voltage wires right there in it.  Maybe he will come to cut it down on Monday IF it isn’t still raining.… the toadstools and mushrooms are that ugly gray-white.  No colors at all. They are everywhere due to the constant rain and damp. Fungi is even growing on wood outside.
Yesterday was so fun!  I went to a grocery hoping to find a small fairly harmless piece of cake-like dessert for my birthday.  If I made a cake, then I would eat the cake.  Better not to go there.  I haven’t made a cake unless all the family is here in ages.  I can’t seem to just have a normal portion.  I have to eat more than I should because I love cake.  SO..I bought a Moon Pie.  A new flavor (to me) of peanut butter.  170 c. per cookie.  I had one, my son had the other and pronounced it delicious as did I.  Nothing  as good as salty/sugary/chocolaty food!!!
We went out to a restaurant to eat and while there..two booths down there was a man who looked like Mr. Spock of his current age.  I have never seen such a likeness to a celebrity ever.  I mean the real Leonard Nimoy, not the pointy eared Vulcan we think of.  The resemblance was truly striking.  I did more staring over in that direction than I should have but I couldn’t help it.  If he was just a little closer..I would have hauled out my phone and supposedly made a phone call.  Meaning I would have aken his picture as it was so amazing.  I couldn’t put it here, no, but I sure would have been tempted.  However, never got to take a photo so it’s a moot point.
One of my gifts this birthday was a router.  My youngest, the one who squired me out into town for a birthday meal, brought it to me.  Now, I can leave this room with the laptop..the other sons can bring their laptops and use them instead of wishing for a signal, now they’ll have one.  Thank you, Honey.  He also brought me a necklace that looks like green jade and I think it is.  It’s on a black cord.  I wore it last night.  And two black T’s from New Zealand.  Very nice ones too.  And  also a long brush specifically made to clean that very large bird feeder I have that you have seen and read about when the Squirrel Coalition struck! You remember, .the one that spins squirrels off into oblivion.  It’s so deep a tube (capacity is 5 pounds) that I can’t reach all the way down to clean it right.  Now..I have a brush made for it.  The handle is so long it looks like a lint brush for your dryer.
Well..I suppose if I get up from here I can finish preparing for the day and go out to the rain.