Tonight I get another birthday dinner and how nice is that?   

I like where we’re going,and I’m looking forward to it.  I have a new dark rose colored top with itty bitty buttons on it where some ruffles are.  I will have to finish dressing shortly as I have to re-do my hair. 

My oldest will be here this weekend to celebrate my birthday with me.  I am very looking forward to that. My middle one said what he had was too heavy to mail so I will see it when I go see him.  I’m looking forward to that too.  I feel 100% better than I have for the past month so I am gathering up plans to see him before too much longer. Nothing like going to visit the doctor no matter how much you don’t want to. You might feel better even if you don’t know you don’t feel particularly great. I hate going to the Dr.  My son said last time he was here that he felt like he needed to trap me and stuff me in a pet carrier (human sized) and haul me off to the Dr. like it or not.  Just like I have to do with the cat!  I laughed..still do when I remember him saying that.

Someone commented on what I see out my back windows from the picture I posted this morning.  It wasn’t a good picture as I didn’t have the exposure right.  BUT I saw the sunbeams and got all giddy because I was so glad.  But as I was saying..I have a forest in back.  We all of us do on this street.  We are all backed onto our privately owned greenbelt as it is called.  That how and why I get to see all the deer, coyotes, bunnies, raccoons, squirrels, bears and wolves.  All I have to do is sit on my deck.  I did a video last summer,  Some of you saw it.  It was my first video and I posted it to Soapbox.  They took that away and warned that the videos were also going away.  They gave a fair chance to take it and do something with it before they lowered the boom.  But some of you saw what I do when I step out the back..nothing but gigantic trees.

I am still trying to talk my oldest brother into coming and seeing me.  It sounds as though he might sometime before the year is over.

Well, I am still waiting on the keyboard and monitor skin.  If it doesn’t show up Monday, I am calling.

Live long and Prosper!  Maybe I’ll see the Nimoy lookalike again!