Well, I told you I got squired out to my 4th birthday bash (I should have 2 more coming) and it was a girl friend who gave me the dinner and her company.  She gave me one of those wraps called Snuggies.  This one came with a book light too.  Now how great is that?  I usually keep it a little cool in here during cold weather months and while I generally do well just dressing accordingly, at night in PJ’s,  I think this will be nice.  We will see. But the highlight of the evening was the other little gift.  It was a rubber ducky with a little squeaker in it and…those who actually know me know this is special to me, it has camouflage on it.  How absolutely neat is that!!??  A rubber duckie AND camouflage. He is in on the tub rim as we speak.  He is actually from a local charity function called the Rubber Duck Race.  You buy one at whatever amount it is, and yours, as well as everyone else’s get dumped into the river..which ever reaches a certain point wins, and so do you. I didn’t win. Don’t worry, at the end they are all retrieved from the river.
Look at this photo that was sent to me last night about 2230  hrs. from Charlotte.  It’s a Cooper’s Hawk, and he does have his supper with him.  My son said that he was out on his deck when my grandson came pelting down to the house and said "Quick.  Gimme your camera.  Hawk!" and so he, the grandson is the one who took this.  It’s the only one he got as the hawk left right afterward.  This is three doors down from where they live and it appears to be someone’s fence or part of a deck.
I have a rant all picked out for Wednesday.  Here’s the hawk.  D. could not take time to focus and all that. You have to catch a hawk when you can.