Man, three days with sun..hold me back!  How wonderful is that!  In a few minutes I will take my pillow outside.  There is nothing like the fresh fragrance of fresh air during the night.  Makes you smile even while waking for a second to turn over because of the new puff of freshness that comes up when you turn the pillow for that elusive cool spot.

The little Mrs. is reclining on a threshold, of course.  This time it is into the bathroom.  Nothing like stepping out of the shower I might add, and Herself is spread out all over the bath rug!  I mean, how can one 9 pound cat cover every square inch of the mat mat?  But it always seems that she does.  One holds onto the wainscoting around the walls, while emerging from ones shower and steps carefully over the opulent glorious glossy diva cat spread out on the mat.  Then one takes the bath towel and tries not to bother Herself with random drops of water while wielding said towel to rid oneself of shower water.

I did not sleep worth a dime last night.  I was sleepy and ready to go..I did, read a bit and turned out the light only to lay there thinking and wondering…occasionally calling the little diva (to no avail) and so on till I finally did drift off.  I hate it when that happens.  She got me up too early too.  So maybe that will translate in to a better night tonight.

The right ones got booted from Dancing With the Stars.  If Mark, the martial arts expert doesn’t calm down and stop making all of his movements so abrupt, he may be next.  That would be a shame as he is excellent.  But you can’t dance with martial arts movements.  The football player and the wrestler need to go.

I have been on the phone sufficiently this morning that I haven’t got my face on.  So..I will get started with that.  Only takes about 7 minutes anyway,  Then, me and Victoria the Nikon leave the building!

I call this photo I took last week the material from which fairies make their tiny gossamer dresses. Click for true color.