I noticed that two of my friends dropped out of my Network.  I know for a fact that they didn’t do that and I for sure did not take them out. How does that happen I wonder?  I sent invitations and they got them so we are back in business.  But how strange.

I headed off to get my hair done this morning.  It literally took 13 minutes by my watch to get on the same sheet of music with the stylist, in a manner of speaking.  I am sick of these combined highlights gone very bad making me look light blonde.   She isn’t responsible for the highlights gone bad..the former person I went to until 3 months ago, is.  I am trying to get the right "low lights" to damp down the blonde and get back to my "native color" which is auburn.  When I said that, the stylist I use now and  I went round and round in that she has not been wanting to do what I ask these 3 months I have been  going to her. Today is the first day in those 3 months she used the magic word.  One word that was always missing when she had been "arguing" back and forth with me.  NOW I understand where she’s coming from and she, me.  I was mistaken in the effect I would have if she did it my way, and she finally got me to understand that after she re-chose her words.  So today I am darker for awhile with low lights. That won’t last but maybe 4 weeks.  Maybe.  Better than nothing and being dazzlingly too light a blonde.  And it is styled gorgeously! LOVE it.

Miss Catt has her knickers in a wad over something.  She acted like we were headed together to the Vet or something simply because I was walking around early (I guess) fully dressed instead of yoga pants and t top.  She took off like the hounds of Hades were after her for her refuge under the bed.  Sigh.  Hours later she still looks suspicious but she’s out.

The combo of not enough sleep and not giving in to that yesterday allowed a great nights sleep.  Thank goodness.

I have my keyboard skin and I LOVE it.  I never have to worry again about the letters being scraped off by my nails.  I have not applied the monitor skin as I am wary about getting it out of its covering.

I went out looking for something to take a photo of, and found nothing.  😦   and there are so many times I can fall back going to the marina for pics.  Same old same old.

I sure do hate seeing so many of the bloggers gone to FB.  But, I guess it’s what pleases a person.  I am not a computer game person…never have been, unlikely that I ever will be.  So, I reluctantly have to wave bye bye and stay here I guess.

Had my lunch and I think I will read the paper.  MUAH!