I was waked at 0425 this morning by a few plaintive meows.  ( a symptom of her illness). Usually she just murmurs a little, nothing much, but this time she came in and hopped up on the bed.  That would be great if she would have come up where she used to and snuggled.  Instead she went to the foot of the bed and laid there awhile and left.  But I was thoroughly awake by then and thinking about some email I had gotten before going to bed.  That I stayed awake was not her fault per se..it was the fault of a piece of email sent to me last evening that I read from a good blog friend.  It was a very disturbing piece about a trend seen in another few Countries regarding their elderly citizens.  I thought I had put the article out of my mind but apparently I had not.  Very disturbing and I wish I had not been sent this although it is truthful as far as I know.  Nothing in any of the urban legends to say it is not. An un-nerving trend that makes me wonder what pass people are coming to.
So, me and her have been up.  I had my coffee and a nutrition bar, and she has had her breakfast.  We’re set!  I am still absolutely loving this keyboard skin.  I like the feel of typing with it.  There is a feeling of preciseness to it in my wee mind.
Today, I will make barbecue glazed chicken for the oldest who will be here tonight after work.  I haven’t gotten too far other than that in my plan. Peas and carrots are a certainty.  Yellow rice, you think?  Breakfast will be fried potatoes, eggs, bacon, coffee and biscuits.  0830.  Be there or be square. 

I will head out and see if the papers are here.  Have a great day and I will too.